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"Valentina is an intuitive magician who has a great capacity to connect with empathy to those of us who take her workshops. She has also created a great container to connect us among the group in such a profound way that it enriches us all. "


"Wonderful workshop where I reconnected with my creativity and depth to discover my true self."


“I had a very enriching experience when I witnessed the distance healing that Valentina performed for my mother. She asked my permission and gave my mother a Thetahealing® session. The next day my mother presented a totally different picture, managing to get out of intensive care to medium therapy. Even though she was in a traditional treatment, everyone (including doctors) was in awe of her great recovery that night”


For almost two hours, she guided me through my body to recognize several of the nested emotions there.

The most significant thing about the session was having been able to understand my mother when she had me in her womb and to heal the emotions that could have affected me during that period.

It was freeing!«


The art therapy workshop with Valentina has become, for me, a spiritual path of knowledge and self-knowledge. Valentina knows and uses wonderful techniques to connect with yourself and with your spirituality.

I acknowledge and honor Valentina's work in these workshops.


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Art therapy, through intuitive expression, led me to a process of self-healing against all expectations. Art therapy, intuitive expression, and awareness. Walking you through your growth process.

Art therapy, intuitive expression, and awareness.
Walking you through your growth process.

Have you ever thought that the ability to imagine and create is what has allowed us to evolve throughout history? And what does this have to do with changing things by creating ideas, processes, and mechanisms? From creativity, we find solutions to the challenges we face throughout life. We tend to think that creativity only occurs in people with specific attributes, such as artists, but what if you discovered that potential within yourself that led you to open the door and the possibilities of creativity inherent in you?


Thetahealing® es una técnica de meditación y una filosofía espiritual que no está relacionada a ninguna religión, que tiene el propósito de acercarse al Creador...


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