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This workshop, aimed at adult women, uses art therapy tools to reflect on the importance of now in future planning, whether in the short, medium, or long term. Writing, painting, sculpture, movement, and collage will help participants explore the present and future of their lives in a way that involves their bodies, their emotions, and their intellect.
  • Goal Promote self-discovery through art in its different disciplines. Transform your present more fully, making use of your own internal resources. Achieve growth in human development, both individually and as a group. The story of each participant will be revealed throughout the sessions by an art therapy approach.
  • Notes: No knowledge of art, art techniques nor skills, are required. This workshop is not intended to learn artistic techniques or art history. The potential of each participant will be used to develop the activities detailed throughout the workshop.
  • Group: Adult women over 18 years of age.
  • Number of sessions: 10 Sessions.
  • Schedule: Once a week (sessions of 3 hrs.)
  • Format: Zoom Meeting
  • Start Date: Several scheduled dates throughout the year
  • Capacity: Minimum 4 participants, maximum 6.
  • Supplies: Journal, colored pencils, markers, crayons, xerox paper (letter), mix-media paper (18"x24") scotch tape, glue stick, magazines, scissors, magazines, flour, and salt. In general, whatever you have handy at home will be used and requested in advance for each session. The participant must provide them.
  • Dynamic: By applying different art-therapeutic tools and exercises, each session aims to lead the group to take a look inside each of the members, then share for feedback. Each session has specific objectives.


Session #1 "My name"
Session #2: "Systemic collage: origin"
Session #3: "Systemic collage: current"
Session #4: "Sculpture"
Session #5: "The feminine power"
Session #6: "Crystal Ball"
Session #7: "Interior Landscape"
Session #8: "Body in motion"
Session #9: "Gratitude"
Session #10: "Closure"

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