WorkshopsDay of the Dead

In Mexico, there is the belief that on the Day of the Dead, November 1 and 2, loved ones who are no longer in earthly life come these days to "visit", eat and, drink what they enjoyed in life.

This is a tradition from pre-Hispanic times where death is worshiped, it does not represent an absence but a living presence, and it is with the altars (shrine) that the symbol of life materializes.

We will open the doors of the treasured memories of our loved ones from a loving and respectful place through art therapy.


Honor and celebrate the memory of their "deceased," creating a shrine/offering decorated with elements that represent them—privilege memory over oblivion.

  • Notes: No knowledge of art or art techniques is required. This workshop is not intended to learn artistic techniques or art history. The potential of each participant will be used to develop the activities developed throughout the workshop.
  • Group: Adults
  • Schedule: 6 pm to 8 pm.
  • Format: Virtual (zoom).
  • Start Date: November 2, 2020
  • Capacity:
    • Virtual: Minimum 5 participants, maximum 15.
  • Supplies: Wooden box (cigar box type), copies of photographs of the person to be honored (as well as representative objects), acrylic paint, brushes, fabrics, feathers, sequins.
  • Dynamic: After introducing the history of the tradition, we will begin the creative process individually. In the end, a space for feedback opens
  • Investment:
    • $440.00MXN (without material)
    • $800.00MXN (with material)
  • Not include shipping
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