On my way into the limitless art therapy world, I found this fantastic method, or I don't know if it discovered me. It has been a journey full of profound experiences, as well as self-discovery for me. That is why I decided to become a SoulCollage® Facilitator. I am sure that this path brings very diverse forms for personal development on many levels to those who feel attracted. 

SoulCollage® is an expressive arts practice done individually or in community. Founded by Seena B. Frost, the method develops creativity and intuition, encourages self-discovery, and provides personal guidance.

SoulCollage® meets you wherever you are on this journey called life. You don't have to be an artist to make SoulCollage® cards. Anyone can create and enjoy this powerful practice.

SoulCollage® is a transformative method, has many applications, and involves images and glue. The SoulCollage® method helps us discover our unique inner/outer guides and challengers in life. We explore and express ourselves by making cards, SoulCollage® cardssharing cards, journaling, and consulting our cards about our own life questions. 

Ours SoulCollage® cards remind us of our ineffable experiences and the concrete words we have journaled or spoken aloud using the cards' voices. Through personal practice with the SoulCollage® method, we breathe life into our SoulCollage® cards.

SoulCollage Inc. keeps evolving to meet new growth and diversity needs as Facilitators take the method into new populations, new countries and apply it in new contexts. We highly value cooperation, community, inclusivity, integrity, diversity, generosity, and humor. We pay attention to weaving these new paradigm values into our methods and our goals.

We're creative, self-reflective, and eager to discover and balance the many parts of ourselves. We each want to be able to be the best version of ourselves we can be and contribute our gifts to others.

We are challenged, we struggle, but we always return to our essential willingness to look at what is so and listen and change. From that ever-evolving, empowered place of wholeness, we cannot help but contribute to and affect our worlds—our friends and families, our communities, and our fields of interest.

SoulCollage@ supports a global network of SoulCollage® Facilitators to create nourishing, safe, inclusive, cooperative, and creative communities, where anyone can discover their wisdom, answer their life's questions and change their world using the life-changing method of collaging, consulting, and sharing their own SoulCollage® cards.

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