Valentina CastroRetreats

Would you like to spend three days away from your daily routine and
dedicate them only to you?

Throughout this retreat, you will be able to explore your creativity and express it artistically.
This retreat is designed for you to connect with your intuition, listen to your inner voice, and playfully discover your potentials.

I invite you to continue discovering your inner world through art therapy, SoulCollage®, and the magical world of labyrinths. This retreat is designed to continue creating a safe and harmonious space of self-discovery, in which we will explore creativity and the magic of the unknown.

All this in an oasis in the middle of Cuernavaca, Mor. (México). The Orchidelirium House-Hotel & Esthetic Health will be the venue. This place will be the one that gives us security and peace to embark on this journey to those places still unexplored in our mind, body, and spirit.

Press the link so that you meet our location.

My mission is to guide you in your creative process, encourage you to trust your intuition, and connect with the creative expression that is ready to manifest.

Give yourself three days to yourself, accompanied by people sharing the interest of self-knowledge and personal growth.

Próxima fecha: 16, 17 y 18 de abril

(+52) 1 55 3118 7996